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Music and its effects on the development of the brain

Research on the effect of music on the brain of children has shown that music activates the cerebral cortex, particularly the frontal and occipital areas, which are responsible for spatial-temporal reasoning. Moreover, by evaluating the effects of music by means of EEG recordings, it has been observed that music provokes an alpha-type electrical brain wave. All these discoveries show the following things about music (particularly in respect to classical music composed by Mozart):

  • Enhances memory, attention and concentration in children.
  • Helps improve the ability to solve math problems and complex reasoning questions.
  • Is a means of expression.
  • Familiarizes children with the sounds and meanings of words and reinforces learning.
  • Offers the opportunity for children to interact to one another and also with the grown-ups.
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination in children.
  • When combined with dancing, it quickens the senses, supports balance and promotes the development of the muscles.
  • Evokes memories and images that enrich the intellect.
  • Encourages the overall development of the child, influencing all the areas of development.